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EVERYDAY SAVINGS – Savings on shopping, food delivery services, restaurants and more

FRAUD PREVENTION – Free scam alerts, a helpline and tips to help you avoid consumer fraud and identity theft

ADVOCACY – A committed advocate for important issues like Social Security and Medicare

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Most of us have a drawer in our kitchens filled with different sizes of tupperware containers. Not only are tupperware containers great for packing lunches, but they’re also great for storing leftovers. However, if you’ve ever stored something with tomato sauce in a plastic container, then you know getting those stains out is certainly not easy. And it’s not very pleasant to look at stained tupperware, is it?

Thankfully, there are a few different ways to get rid of those stains!

1. Baking Soda

Make a paste using water and baking soda. Apply a generous amount of the paste to the stained areas of the plastic container. Let it sit for a few hours, then rinse out the container. Afterwards, wash and dry as you normally would.

2. Distilled Vinegar

Make a solution of equal parts distilled vinegar and water. Dump the solution in the container and let it soak for a few hours. When the time’s up, dump out the solution and wash and dry as you normally would.

3. The Sun

What better natural cleaner is there than the sun?! Rub some lemon juice over the stained container. Then, let the container sit in the sun for a couple of hours. Wash and dry the container as you normally would.

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DIY Gallery Wall - Children's Art Wall

Here’s how to make a children’s art gallery of your very own!

Wherever you get your frames, make sure they’re made of wood, or you’ll have difficulty getting the eye hooks to screw in.

Once your frames are prepped, it’s time for paint! Add two coats of primer, and several light coats of spray paint in the color of your choice.

DIY Gallery Wall Children's Art - Step 1

Once your frames are dry, the real fun can begin! It’s important that you figure out your frame layout, so you know which orientation you’ll be using for each frame (portrait or landscape).

Measure and mark the place on each side of the frame where you want to screw in the eye hooks. Since the eye hooks are so small, I found it helpful to use a hammer to gently tap them into place. Once the hammer started the process, it was easy to screw the eye hooks in the rest of the way. Depending on the hardness of the wood, you may want to employ a wooden skewer or small screwdriver to help you with this part.

Once both of your eye hooks are in place, thread two tiny clothespins onto your monofilament, through the hole in the spring of each clothespin. Then attach the monofilament to one of the eye hooks by tying a knot.

Stretch the monofilament across the frame to the other eye hook, and secure it with another knot, making sure to keep the monofilament tight across the frame.

Cut off any excess monofilament and admire your handiwork!

DIY Gallery Wall Children's Art - Step 3

Using picture-hanging-nails or Command picture hanging velcro, attach your frames to the wall in your design from step 2.

And finally, add your child’s favorite artwork to the frames! Then step back, and enjoy 

DIY Gallery Wall - Display Children's Art


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