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Supplies needed to make your own Stitched Pom Pom Beanie

  • Plain beanie
  • Yarn (If you are doing hearts then a thicker yarn will make a bigger impact.)
  • Needle (Make sure it is big enough to thread your yarn through!

How to make your own Stitched Pom Pom Beanie

Step 1: Start stitching your hearts! There isn’t much of a secret to this, just stitch a V, then cut your ends inside the hat and tie them off. Shown in the photo is all free-hand so they aren’t exactly evenly spaced, but you could also measure and mark them before with a pencil if you want more exact placement.

Step 2: Make your pom pom! Wrap the yarn around 4 of your fingers about 100 times. Then, carefully slide it off of your hand but so it keeps its shape.

Step 3: Cut a piece of yarn a view inches long and tie around the circle of yarn very tightly. Then, take scissors and cut through the loops. After all the loops are cut, you may want to spend some time adjusting and trimming the ends of the pom pom.

Step 4: Thread your needle again and attach the pom pom to the top of the hat by threading it through the pom pom and tying it off inside the hat when secured.

by The Pretty Life Girls

diy heart patterned stitched pom pom beanie

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