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Get rid of the white film in a slow cooker with baking soda and dish soap, then start using crockpot liners.

Have a stubborn white film in your crockpot that won’t come off in a regular washing? Here’s a solution: add about three tablespoons of baking soda and a few drops of dish soap to your pot and fill it up with water. Turn your slow cooker on low for a few hours. Then, pour out the water and use a non-abrasive sponge and a bit more baking soda to scrub away the film. Rinse, and your slow cooker should look like new!

To keep another white film from forming, consider using crockpot liners every time you cook. They’ll cost you about $4 per 6-pack, but they’ll save you the hassle of soaking and scrubbing.

Or, line your slow cooker in foil for easy cleanup and even cooking.

There are a lot of easy slow cooker recipes for bread out there, but if you find that the food you cook in your slow cooker tends to be more crisp on the edges than you’d like, try lining the inside with foil if you don’t already have crockpot liners. Foil will help distribute heat evenly and make cleanup a breeze.

Create a crockpot divider with foil to use one slow cooker for two dips or recipes.

Slow cooker dips are the best! Why limit yourself to one crockpot recipe at a time? Use heavy-duty foil to create a crockpot divider across your slow cooker. Then use a slow cooker liner to keep two different dips separated.

Convert any recipe to an easy slow cooker recipe.

You may have to adjust the amount of liquid called for in the recipe (like adding 1/2 cup water or broth if no liquid is called for), but otherwise, converting a conventional-cooking recipe to an easy slow cooker recipe is simple. Just use the guide above.

You may also be wondering what temperature is low on a slow cooker, and what temperature is high. The answer varies according to your model, but you can generally expect the low setting to heat your slow cooker to 170-190 degrees Fahrenheit over several hours. Setting your crockpot to high is the equivalent to 280-300 degrees.

Also, if you’re making a stew or soup, just be sure to add the veggies in first and place the meat on top. You’ll never wonder how to use a crockpot for a normal recipe again!

Keep the lid on your slow cooker while it’s in use.

Did you know that every time you take off the lid to stir or sniff what’s inside your slow cooker that the temperature drops dramatically? It can take up to half an hour to get the temp up again! Only open if you absolutely must!

Brown your crockpot roast on the stove beforehand for more flavor.

Although you can fully cook your crockpot roast in a slow cooker, searing meats first will give your dish a richer flavor. The seared pieces help hold in juices, and any extra fatty parts crisp up nicely.

7. Melt and keep chocolate melted for dipping and baking.

Fill mason jars with chocolate chips and other candy melts. Then, fill your slow cooker halfway with hot water and set to high.

After about 30 minutes (uncovered), give the chocolate a stir. If the chocolate is fully melted, set your slow cooker to low, and the chocolate should stay melted for a couple of hours.

Just make sure not to cover your slow cooker — any water or moisture that gets into the chocolate will cause it to seize.

Chocolate slow cooker dips are always a hit!

8. Cook the main dish and sides at the same time by wrapping individual foods in foil.

Ever wondered how to use a slow cooker for multiple things at once? Making a roast, and want potatoes not soaked in the juices as a side? Wrap the seasoned roast and potatoes individually, and the flavors will stay separate.

9. Use your slow cooker to keep food (like mashed potatoes) warm on Thanksgiving.

Free up your burners with one of the easiest slow cooker hacks, and remember to stir your potatoes at least once every half hour.

10. Warm tortillas on top of your slow cooker.

Instead of a lid, place a glass baking tray on top of your slow cooker — preferably one that’s filled with some chili con carne or another tortilla-ready dish. Put your tortillas inside the glass dish a few minutes before serving and they’ll be ready along with your slow-cooker meal!

11. Melt down wax and add wicks to make your own crockpot candles.

This is one of my favorite crockpot ideas, and the finished product is perfect for gift giving! These crockpot candles are easy to create.

What you’ll need

What you’ll do

  1. Fill mason jars with wax and place in your slow cooker.
  2. Slowly pour boiling water around the jars until the mason jars are halfway submerged.
  3. Cover and turn your slow cooker on high.
  4. Depending on the size of the jars you use and amount of wax, you should be able to stir the wax after about 45 minutes. You’ll notice your jars will only be halfway full now. Refill jars with more wax beads and cover your slow cooker for another 45 minutes to an hour or until all the wax has melted.
  5. Insert wicks, carefully remove the jars from your slow cooker, drop in essential oils if you wish (8-15 drops should do), and let them cool completely at room temperature.

TIP: Use a clothespin or even the clip on a pen or mechanical pencil to keep the wick centered while your candle wax solidifies.

12. Use broken crayons to make DIY crockpot crayons.

Melt down all those broken crayon bits in a slow cooker and have kids reuse them, or give them away as gifts. Use little Dixie cups, fun silicone baking shapes or even empty toilet paper tubes as molds!

What you’ll need

  • broken crayons
  • molds
  1. Remove the paper wrapper from broken crayon bits and place them in molds.
  2. Set your molds in an empty slow cooker and turn the heat on high.
  3. Depending on the size of your mold, check back every 20 minutes or so until all the crayon wax is melted.
  4. Turn your slow cooker off and allow the wax to harden a bit before carefully removing the molds.
  5. Cool crayons completely before using.

13. Catch unwanted condensation with a towel placed under your slow cooker lid.

This works especially well for Crockpot bread recipes.

14. Make your home smell good by using your slow cooker as a potpourri warmer.

THIS is how to use a crockpot during the holidays! Boil cinnamon sticks, apple peels, orange rinds, whole cloves, cranberries, and other delicious-smelling ingredients in water.

15. Make your own crockpot yogurt with just two ingredients.

It also makes a great slow cooker dip for fruits! Just let the yogurt cool first.

What you’ll need

  • 1 gallon milk (I use whole because the more fat in the milk, the thicker it will be)
  • 8 ounces of plain yogurt (you can also use Greek) with live cultures — just look on the ingredient list

What you’ll do

  1. Pour all the milk into a slow cooker, cover, and place on high.
  2. Keep slow cooker on high for about four hours until milk reaches 180 degrees (use a candy thermometer to check temperature).
  3. Once milk reaches 180 degrees, turn the slow cooker off, uncover slightly to let the heat escape, and let it cool to 120 degrees (usually takes about 2 hours).
  4. While the dairy mixture cools, take out your yogurt (called a “starter”) and let it get to room temperature.
  5. Once the temperature of the milk is 120 degrees, gently add your yogurt and swirl it around with a whisk until combined.
  6. Now, preheat your oven to 200 degrees. Once it’s preheated, turn the oven off (make sure you turn the oven off!), but leave the oven light on. This will keep the temperature optimal while the cultures are doing their thing and making yogurt magic.
  7. Place the covered pot in the oven and leave it alone, undisturbed, for 8-12 hours. The longer you leave it in the oven, the more tang the yogurt will have. I usually leave mine for 10-11 hours.
  8. After it’s done making magic in the oven, gently place the pot in the refrigerator to cool for a few hours.

Enjoy your homemade goodness!

16. Use a slow cooker as a makeshift humidifier.

Using multiple slow cookers as humidifiers throughout the house works like a charm when you’re feeling under the weather and don’t already have a humidifier!

Fill your slow cooker about three-quarters of the way up with water, cover, and turn the setting on high. After about an hour, let the moisture escape into the air. Make sure to refill the pot with room-temperature water as needed — and don’t let the pot run when there’s nothing in it.

17. Avoid overcooking with a light timer.

An appliance timer costs about $11 for two on Amazon and can assist you with your slow-cooking adventures if your crockpot doesn’t already have a built-in timer.

18. Clean the liner of your slow cooker with ammonia.

Despite our best efforts, the slow cooker itself (under the removable stoneware) can get pretty gross. It’s also not dishwasher safe. Solution? Fill a small baking dish with ammonia and set it in the liner of your slow cooker. Then simply pop the lid on and leave it overnight. You don’t even need to turn your slow cooker on! The ammonia fumes will loosen the gross stuff, and you can simply wipe it up in the morning.

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Supplies needed to make your own Stitched Pom Pom Beanie

  • Plain beanie
  • Yarn (If you are doing hearts then a thicker yarn will make a bigger impact.)
  • Needle (Make sure it is big enough to thread your yarn through!

How to make your own Stitched Pom Pom Beanie

Step 1: Start stitching your hearts! There isn’t much of a secret to this, just stitch a V, then cut your ends inside the hat and tie them off. Shown in the photo is all free-hand so they aren’t exactly evenly spaced, but you could also measure and mark them before with a pencil if you want more exact placement.

Step 2: Make your pom pom! Wrap the yarn around 4 of your fingers about 100 times. Then, carefully slide it off of your hand but so it keeps its shape.

Step 3: Cut a piece of yarn a view inches long and tie around the circle of yarn very tightly. Then, take scissors and cut through the loops. After all the loops are cut, you may want to spend some time adjusting and trimming the ends of the pom pom.

Step 4: Thread your needle again and attach the pom pom to the top of the hat by threading it through the pom pom and tying it off inside the hat when secured.

by The Pretty Life Girls

diy heart patterned stitched pom pom beanie

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