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Our clothes could pique a mosquito’s appetite, for example. Generally, the insects are attracted to dark colors. So, goths, please be careful! If you have a penchant for navy or black, try some lighter or brighter hues when you know you’re going to be in a place where mosquitos hover.

Human body odor may also attract mosquitos. Yup, our sweat contains ammonia, lactic acid and other substances that create a unique smell. The yellow fever mosquito, in particular, relies on scent when choosing its victim.

Not all body odors are created equal. The microbes a person exudes in their sweat could even naturally repel mosquitos. Some people have all the luck! 

Mosquitos prefer beer drinkers over teetotalers, according to a 2002 study from the American Mosquito Control Association. Mosquitos ruin everything, don’t they? But if you don’t drink, don’t breathe a sigh of relief just yet. You see, the insects have other targets, too.

Another group mosquitos love is pregnant people. When a baby is growing inside of you, that increases both your body heat levels and carbon dioxide output. And when a mosquito senses that CO2, they’ll head your way. But here’s another fact that may shock you.

Small Brain, Big Memory

Apparently, mosquitos remember their victims – especially by the amount of heat they radiate. Crazy, right!? How do such tiny bugs even have the space in their brains to recall that kind of information? Even weirder, they have favorite times of the day to attack.

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Artworkheart5Saying Thank you to your children and acknowledging all of their contributions to your family life is a modest yet magical way to motivate kids. It’s a fact that when someone notices the little things you do, you are more willing to keep on doing them. Honestly expressing your appreciation is not only gracious in itself, it instills that same quality in your children.

Thank your child for “bringing in the mail, folding clothes, setting the table, bringing you something from the kitchen etc”. Remember periodic rewards are most effective for keeping a child motivated.

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k1319601 baloonsRain is a good reminder of how our attitude can effect everything. Some people let it destroy their days; others consider it a blessing.

Children seem to like the rain. They like to get wet and slosh around in the puddles. When it comes to enjoying the simple pleasures of life, children are our best teachers. So what if your shoes get wet by walking in the rain. By worrying about it you miss the fun of the moment.

Kids can remind us to keep our attitude positive and our thoughts focused on what really makes our hearts sing.

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tsKiteFlying kites together makes you feel free and joyous. As the wind takes hold of the kite, you can feel it on your body, gently rocking you back and forth. The sky excepts you, surrounding you and protecting you. you become a child yourself and your spirit is set free. When you disappear with the clouds, the dividing line between you and your child dissolves. Look at the clouds and share the stories they tell. Run with the wind, or roll on the ground.

When you allow your adult worries and responsibilities to subside for a while, a miracle of togetherness happens and lasting memories are made.

Wonderful ways to love a child by Judy Ford

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ribbon Send them love Letters

Love Letters are personilized little notes to your kids that let them know you’re fondly thinking of them. They are suprises that pop up when your child least expects them. Put little notes under pillows, paste them on bathroom mirrors or stash one in the lunchbox, drop them in a shoe or pocket, drop them in a drawer.

Sending notes to your children is another way of letting them know just how important they really are.

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Artworkheart6_bigger *LISTEN FROM YOUR HEART*

Listening from your heart is completely different than listening with your ears. Listening from the heart means genuinely interested, open and caring. It means being eager to hear, learn, and be astonished, without the need to argue or give advice(which is really hard). Listening from the heart means not jumping in with your point of view, but rather hearing what life is like from your child’s perspective. It is listening with a sense of wonder. When you listen from your heart, your child feels safe to tell all, for a child who is with a receptive adult opens up and shares freely.

Listening from your heart will heighten the sense of closeness with your child, and many times you will discover that your gentle, quiet, listening is all that is needed for your child to find his own solution.

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